Young People Who Work Remotely Are Unlikely to Become CEOs: Suzy Welch

Remote interviews are all the rage these days, and while they’re really convenient, it can definitely be a challenge to conduct an interview when you can’t meet face-to-face. Technical questions in the respective field of study would also be asked by the interviewer during an interview. A remote interview, in simple words, does not involve a face-to-face interview. Let the candidate know when they will hear from you and what the next steps will be.

what is remote interview

One of the best ways to optimize  the limited time available is to conduct an online skills test  beforehand. This will mean you are only interviewing top performers and will not need to waste precious time trying to discover if they have the skills necessary to do the job. Some hiring platforms include a feedback feature that will invite candidates to fill out a quick, anonymous survey after the interview. Asking for feedback will help you discover and adjust any parts of the process that candidates find sub-par. If you need to reschedule, give as much notice as possible and avoid last-minute cancellations. You wouldn’t cancel a face-to-face interview while a candidate was sitting in your office waiting room, so don’t do so remotely, either.

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Apart from a stable internet connection, you’ll have to know when to speak and when to listen to the question carefully. The worst you can do is start talking simultaneously as your interviewer. At the very least, you should be aware of the company and the position you’re applying for and not just theoretically. It won’t be a bad idea to pose questions by yourself and answer them to prepare for the interview. With everything and everyone so connected today thanks to the internet, companies are finding that they are no longer confined to their local pool of talent. Using video call applications like Skype or Google Hangouts, HR managers can interview and screen candidates worldwide.

Give candidates enough space to ask questions – actively encourage them to ask. Although these virtual interviews are conducted in a similar fashion to traditional face-to-face interviews, they do require some special considerations, since it’s difficult to read body language over video. Aside from video interviews, you could choose to conduct a remote interview via phone, live chat (using a messenger platform such as WhatsApp), or via a chatbot.

Preparing for a Remote Interview: Technology, Environment, and Dress Code

Finally, if you have experience working from home, be sure to highlight it. Managing your time, collaborating from a distance, and troubleshooting technical difficulties are valuable skills. Be prepared and go through all the appropriate questions and formalities beforehand. Some jobs may have their own set of basic requirements, depending on the position and role of the individual. A freelance writer gets approached by companies or individuals for their services, there is no set time duration or contract in place, making it flexible for you, so you can concentrate on other work as well.

what is remote interview

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